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Published on June 28th, 2016 | by BRS


Binary Brain Trust Review – New SCAM Or Real Deal?

Binary Brain Trust Review – New SCAM Or Real Deal? BRS
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Summary: Hi welcome to the Binary Brain Trust review. Binary Brain Trust is the new auto trading software by Martin Clayton who claims to earn $5K/day for its users. Is it true? Is it a scam or legit? We will find today in our review, but first, here is an overview:



Software Name: Binary Brain Trust

Created By: Martin Clayton

Regulated: Yes

Official Website: 


Martin Clayton, the maker and CEO of the company has presented his auto trading oftware Binary Brain Trust for the public to benefit from it. This software is claimed to earn more than five thousand dollars a day to each its users by linking user’s account to their master account. A big claim to be true! So is it a scam? Is it again one of those fake softwares? Well, we went a mile ahead to get information about this software and to be honest, what we found was surprisingly pleasant. This software actually works, may be not as much as the claims are being made, but then again, these claims are made to happen in ideal conditions, where as conditions keep changing in market. So keeping that in mind, it actually works good. Not a scam. Here is a complete informatic review of this new software:

About Binary Brain Trust

Binary Brain Trust is the latest auto trading software for the users in binary options market, launched by Martin Clayton, the maker and CEO. This software is being claimed to have the capacity of making five thousand dollars a day for its users. While the sound of it might seem unrealistic but these results are actually possible under ideal scenarios. Though, that is a different thing that ideal scenarios are extremely rare. So when checked under the daily prevailing market conditions, the movements of commodities and other affecting factors, this software might not be able to make $5000 everyday, but if seen on a realistic picture, this software actually works good and holds the capabilities of returning high profits every time. Automatic in nature, this software works on its own, leaving very little to nothing for users to do. 

How it Works?

Binary Brain Trust, as mentioned above, is completely automatic software that works based on a trading algorithm, created by experts of the field for the purpose of making binary options trading easier and simpler for all. The algorithm works on calculations and analyses of market conditions, charts, indicators and trends in commodity behaviors to come up with a prediction of the trade which can yield the maximum profits. Since the whole program is based on fast paced servers, the speed with which all this is carried out it extremely impressive. This speed of calculations and coming up with accurate results make one of the main reasons of this software’s consistency. The multiplication of profits is done by the makers as they link each user account to their master account. This allows small investments to turn out to be a big one collectively and hence the magnitude of the profits made is also higher. These profits are then paid back to the user, and these profits are impressive enough to keep every user happy. 

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The Creator

Martin Clayton is the brain behind this software. He created this software a few years back with a team of experts and tried it out for its accuracy. Over the period of time, this software became better so now he decided to bring it out for all people. He has made this software available for free, but that does not mean that the user will not have to make any investment. Software is free, but the initial investment for trading is required and this is the basic and realistic rule.


Important Features To Remember

There are certain aspects and features of any software which makes it worth giving a shot at. Binary Brain Trust has also been equipped by certain such features by the makers which make it better. Here are a few of them:

  • The software is completely automatic with no bugs found in their working. This makes it things a lot easier for those who are new to the trading niche and also for those, who are not technically strong. 
  • The software is backed up with a 24 hours user support, seven days a week. So if there is any issue that a user might be facing in understating the things or any other query, the experts from the company will be available for their assistance all the time. 
  • Unlike spammers, the makers of Binary Brain Trust are not keeping people in a blind sight by promoting it as free software. They have clearly mentioned that though the software is being provided for free to all, a minimum investment of $250 would still be required from all to start off with trading.
  • The interface and the registration process has been kept really simple by the makers to make the whole process easier and comfortable for all.



This software may not really be able to earn $5000 a day regularly, but this software does have the capability of earning a really good sum of profits for the people of all experience ranges. The makers have made sure to equip it with all the features to make it a comfortable ride for all. The speed of its working and the non-human calculations and predictions raises the probabilities of it ending up with best possible profits for all. We would ask people to keep real big and unrealistic expectations and aside and once that is done, this software might be a great option for all to work with. We do recommend it.


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