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Published on July 28th, 2016 | by BRS


Cash Formula Review | Absolutely Legit Without SCAM?

Cash Formula Review | Absolutely Legit Without SCAM? BRS
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Summary: Hello everyone! We appreciate you taking out time to read this review on the recent introduction in the auto trading software market for binary options trading industry – Cash Formula. The software is a brainchild of Tim Stafford. Here is an overview:



Product Name: Cash Formula

Product Creator: Tim Stafford

Official Website: 


It is a fact that the binary options trading market is one of the most liquid of them all. It presents immense opportunities for all to earn big and earn quick. But, the chances of losses are at the same ratio and they can also be big and quick. Still, people wish to enter and try their luck out to earn more. In such cases, automated trading softwares have emerged as a boon for everyone. But there are a number of scams, trying to earn from those who are new in the market. So Cash Formula also faces the same question, scam or legit? We dug up as much information as available about it and thus we can say that this software is legit. Here is complete information about it:

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What is Cash Formula?

Tim Stafford has came up with his new auto trading software and has named it as cash formula. The software is meant to assist people in making profits by placing possible trades for them. How it does that? It all comes down to the algorithm on which it is based. It allows the software to spot various assets and markets in their peak and place a trade in them. As soon as the market starts sinking, it jumps up to next best one. The makers have beta tested it with a handful of beta testers and thus this software has been seen providing a ROI of 75 and more (in percentage). The numbers it can generate can go as high as 20K a day, but that will depend how much the initial investment is. Tim has said that this software was given to him by his mentor, though he never released the name. So believing that might turn out to be hard for all, but the software works and this is more than enough for what we all expect.

How it Works?

Cash Formula works on its specifically created algorithm. This particular algorithm determines in advance which assets and markets are going to rise and thus places trades in them accordingly. Question would be, how does it make such predictions? Answer to this is, by reading the underlying market principles and constantly looking out for any change which could end up with a ripple effect. The algorithm, as per the maker, has been created by some of the experts of the industry who put in all their experience and strategic knowledge in it. He and his team kept on working on it to make it updated, refined and better. 


The Advantages and Features:

  • The software is completely automated. The maker has broken things down to provide as much simplicity for the users as possible. Since automated, this software carries out all the tasks by itself. 
  • Being automated, it rules out any human-related chances of errors. No human touch is involved in calculations, chart readings and trade prediction and placement.
  • The software is created and programmed to work as quick as possible. This has enabled users to see their earning instantly. It carries out the whole process rapidly, thereby increasing the margin of possible profits. 
  • This software does not require any integration with some other software or any other tool or plug-in. There is no need for any external interference, or effort with Cash Formula software. 
  • Withdrawing money, once earned, has also been made quite simple. The money itself gets transferred to the user bank account which has been associated with the software.
  • The customer-service team is highly qualified and consist experts in the field. It has been made available 24/7 for all the users to assist them any time.

Certain Other Factors

The maker said that this software will not be kept open for registration for a long time. Reason being the secretive nature of this software which could not be risked for long! Now we can’t say how much of this reason is true but one thing is for sure that that this software works quite well and its accuracy rate is thoroughly tested.

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We don’t normally go by the numbers and stories that any software maker presents because these are all the part of sales pitch and marketing efforts. But this software has all the potential to perform impressively. The beta testers have shown it. The high numbers can be achieved but then that will require an initial investment of respective magnitude. The software is new and thus the complete working nature can be seen only with time. But at this stage, its work and results are impressive. It is legit, not a scam and thus, we recommend it to all!

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