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Published on July 7th, 2016 | by BRS


The Cobalt Code Review – Another SCAM?

The Cobalt Code Review – Another SCAM? BRS
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Summary: Thanks for taking out sometime to read our review of the day. The binary options trading software, which we are going to review today is The Cobalt Code. The makers of this software have approached many review experts to check it for themselves and then write something unbiased about it. So here we are:



Software Name: The Cobalt Code

Software Creator: Grant Stone

Official Website:

Price: FREE


Whenever some new auto trading software comes out in the binary options trading niche, people start to think that this would be a scam too. And it is not their fault as more than 80 percent of such softwares out there are scams. So when the news of Cobalt Code software came out, our initial reaction was the same, especially with the big numbers that the makers were marketing around. So we dug up all the information to get the truth and surprisingly, this software came out not as a scam but as a legit one that works well. May be not as great as the numbers shown but it does work and work decently!

Understanding Cobalt Code

Cobalt Code is a new auto trading software from Grant Stone. This software came out in the market when market is already filled with so many scam software but at the same time, holds many opportunities for the ones that work extremely well. The makers have focused their software on trading on commodities. Now commodity trading comes as a regular thing for binary traders but normally, auto trading software don’t go for them as they don’t sound lucrative to common people who hardly knows much about binary options trading. But cobalt Code is not running behind the show off but they are focusing on commodities which can earn quick and big with more surety. 

Understanding How it Works

Cobalt Code works on the commodities in the market rather than on currency pairs. They make sure that the trades they place are of high quality with all the possibilities of success. The working algorithm of this software has been created expertly by the team of experienced professionals who came up together to bind up their experience and expertise and use their strategies as the basic foundation of this software. Programmed expertly into a code that works towards making calculations and market analyses at a lightning fast speed to take an advantage of speed over other such softwares in making quick and accurate decisions. Its beta testing came out with an accuracy rate of 70 percent and up, which is quite impressive by any standards.

What Makes it Different?

 That is a million dollar question. The things which make it different from other such software is its reliability. The beta testing has shown some constantly showing impressive results. These beta testers include certain review experts whom reviews you can also read online. They went through the details of this software to make sure that whatever they write is true. So did us.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.43.06 PM

The makers have wisely chosen the commodities like iron or manganese for the users to trade on. These are not among the flashy looking trade items but in real world, these are the safest bets. Moreover, combined with the accurate calculations and analyses, the chances of success rise up quite significantly. 

The makers have also made sure that the users don’t face any issue while using the software so they have provided around the clock user support for everyone. So in any case of difficulty or any issue, users can easily reach out the experts and get their doubts cleared and queries resolved. Though their effectiveness could be known only with time.

The only thing this software lags a bit is its marketing. Since the makers are not truly marketers, the website or the claims might seem out of proportions but then again, for those who are looking to gains solid results and not beyond the scope of reality ones, they can definitely go for this software as it is a solid software in midst of a rush of scams.

let me in-cobalt

Our Verdict

Beta testing, experts’ reviews, the makers and the working process along with the commodities chosen have made us declare this software as legit. We have no doubt about its working and it will definitely come out with decent profits. Though much will be known on a longer time duration. But with its impressive initial results, we would definitely recommend it for all. People should give it a shot once. 


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