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Published on September 7th, 2016 | by BRS


Code Fibo Review – Finally An Overturn to The SCAMs

Code Fibo Review – Finally An Overturn to The SCAMs BRS
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Summary: Hey all and welcome to our review site, created especially for bringing out the complete and detailed review of binary options software. Today we will be going through the new introduction in the market called Code Fibo.



Code Fibo is creating a huge buzz all around for its seamless working and wonderfully impressive results. Here is an overview first:

Software Name: Code Fibo

Created By: Prof. Matthew Louise

Official Website:


There have been quite a few softwares in the binary options trading niche which have done well and acted reliably. But majority of such softwares have turned out to be sheer scams skimming the money off the pockets of users who used these software with a hope of earning quick and earning big. So what does Professor Matthew Louise brings along with his software Code Fibo which makes it such a different software from others and assist it in attaining a status of extremely reliable software? Code Fibo is turning out to be the buzz creator these days and today we will go through the details of it to determine the reason for this.

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What is Code Fibo?

First things first, we need to know what Code Fibo actually is. Code Fibo is the new and unique auto trading software presented by Prof Matthew Louise, which provides both, auto and manual trading options for traders all over. This software works on a unique Fibonacci arbitrage strategy that allows this software to accurately pin-point the right trade and time frame to select the most profitable trades in market. This software delivers one of the highest accuracy rates in the market. Combining Fibonacci numbers and golden ratios, it brings together the best possible combination to work its way out towards the profitable trading decisions. This is what makes it different from all other such systems out there in market.

Who is Prof. Matthew Louise?

Prof. Matthew Louise is the person responsible for creating and bringing out this high performing software in the market for all user types. He is the one who made sure that this software works not only with the auto traders but at the same time, with those who love to make trading decisions manually. He has had an illustrious trading career so far and being a trading mentor, he has been assisting his students in making successful trading decisions so far. He has been working on this software for quite so many years, making sure that he reads and analyses the market changes and trends successfully in order to come up with the software that works in such conditions successfully. Result of his long term work is now in front of us as the Code Fibo Software.


How Code Fibo Software works?

As mentioned earlier, Matthew has brought together the combination of Fibonacci number series strategy and golden ratios to come up with the bases of creating this software of his. This software works on determining the results of financial and market trends on upcoming market conditions and combines it with the opinions it gets from the popular public strategists to come up with the best possible trading combinations. The algorithms then works on the numbers and brings up the best combinations of trades which hold the highest probabilities of sure success. This software has specifically been created to work on manual as well as automatic mode. This allows the users of all sorts to use this software as per their will. In manual system, it sends back the trading signals notifying the best possible trades and then the trader can decide on whether to place those trades or not. In automatic mode though, the software does each and everything by itself, leaving nothing for the user to do but to sit back and relax.

Other important Factors:

There are certain other factors associated with this software which make it more reliable and attractive for all. Here are some of those:

  • Registering with Code Fibo allows instant access to the auto trading software for all. This can be done by entering one’s name and email address and then funding it with a minimum trading investment.
  • The software provides automatic as well as manual working modes, thereby, making it a perfect software for all trader type.
  • The accuracy rate with this software ranges from 80-85 percent with an ability of making upto80 trades a day. This allows the software to cover up for any losses what so ever.
  • The trading software comes with complete user support which allows users to contact the software experts anytime they find any difficulty working with this software.


Our Recommendation:

Code Fibo comes as a pleasant surprise with its impressive working and fabulous results. Prof. Matthew Louise has given something really reliable for all traders, thanks to his work over the years. This software has all the ingredients of yielding high profits with great accuracy. With both the working modes available, it becomes extremely suitable for traders of all sorts in making their lives easier. Many online trading experts have backed this software up and critics have also reviewed it high. We will definitely recommend it for all as a completely reliable software.

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