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Published on August 21st, 2016 | by BRS


Modern Profit Professor Review – Is MPProfessor Scam Or Legit?

Modern Profit Professor Review – Is MPProfessor Scam Or Legit? BRS
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Summary: Hello everyone and welcome to our review site. Today our topic review is about the new software named Modern Profit Professor created by Marco Adessi. Hope you enjoy reading it!



Hi everyone! We are glad you took some time out to visit our website and have a look at this review for the new auto trading software in the binary options trading market. The software is named as Modern Profit Professor aka MPProfessor and is being introduced by its creator, Marco Adessi. So before we move on to find out whether this software is worth giving a shot or not, let’s have an overview of it.

Product Name: Modern Profit Professor aka MPProfessor

Created By: Marco Adessi

Price: FREE (Initial Deposit of $250 required)

Official Website: 


With the announcement made by Marco Adessi, regarding the launch of his new auto trading software, there have been various doubts and questions in everyone’s mind regarding the legitimacy of this software. People can’t be blamed for asking so many questions though as there are already way too many scam softwares out in the market that every such software is now being looked upon with a bit of unreliability. So is it a scam in real? Based on the numbers being claimed, some might say yes. So we thought of going in-depth and bring out the unbiased information about it. And to our pleasant surprise, this software can be said to a reliable one which has all the caliber of delivering as promised.

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What is MPProfessor?

MPProfessor, as per its creator, is a mix of a powerful software plus smart trading strategies. What it means is that this program comes in the form of a sophisticated auto trading software working on an underlying algorithm specifically created with the assistance of some of the best in business trading minds. The creator guarantees profits from very first week of its use as he is well assured of the working capabilities of his software which he calls a class combination of automated computer algorithms and advantages of human trading. Now the software is being provided at free of cost, but an initial trading investment would definitely be needed. Company boasts of a high accuracy rate and a daily possible profit of about $800 which they have been earning for past few years. Though, we are not going by the testimonials provided on their website.


How MPProfessor Works?

As Marco Adessi said, his new software is a mix of powerful trading algorithmic software and human trading expertise. Why he says so is because this software had been created by a team of experts who have been a master in trading and brilliant in programming. Marco and his trading ace friend started working on it years back and now he wants this software to be available for most of the people so that it can get more popularized and used by all. Now the software places buy or sell decisions on various assets, currencies and futures in financial markets based on the analysis and calculations done by the underlying algorithm, processed at lightening fast speed by advanced computers. Though the detailed core of complete algorithm is still something which the creator keep with himself but he has been open enough to let people know that this software is something which has a lot of hard work behind it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 12.37.26 PM

How to Get Started?

Getting started with MPProfessor is quite a simple process.

  1. Clear your browser cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  2. Visit
  3. Fill out the given form, your Name and Email Address
  4. Make an initial deposit of $250 with your assigned broker (Can be withdrawn anytime)
  5. Get the account linked to their system
  6. Let the system work for you

Other Important Aspects:

Like with all class products and services, the MPProfessor software also has certain specialties and features associated with it which makes is different and better than others.

  • MPProfessor is a complete program which includes the trading software as well as a training kit. So users get to know more about the trading decisions and strategies while earning profits.
  • Additionally, the makers have also provided feature for the personal on call trading guide for users of all experience levels.
  • The software plus training program, both are being provided free of cost, but this combined offer is for limited period. The software will be kept free of cost later also, but the training program is being made available for free, just for a short time period.
  • The round the clock user support is also provided to back up their reliability promises and assist users in any situation where they need some assistance.


Our Recommendation

It is not always about just numbers but the working consistency and reliability matters more in a fast paced industry like binary options. Keeping that in minds, we would definitely give a thumbs up for this software. Based on the working strategies and speed, this software can definitely work out for good if used and followed in the advised manner. Although, the final call is always of the person who is putting his/her money on any service or products, but we would definitely suggest people to go with it, as based on what information we could get our hands on to, this software works quite well and has the caliber to last long in the market.

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