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Published on August 28th, 2016 | by BRS


Prizm Review – New Trading Experience With A Unique API Key

Prizm Review – New Trading Experience With A Unique API Key BRS
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Summary: Hello everyone and welcome to our review site. Today our topic review is about the new software named Prizm created by Richard Squire. Hope you enjoy reading it!



Today we’ll be discussing about Prizm, a new auto trading software from Richard Squire. This software has been getting applauded by experts all around and its performance is the main reason for it. Here is an overview first,

Software Name: Prizm Tech

Created By: Richard Squire

Official Website:


Prizm comes as a pleasant package for every trader all across the globe. Richard Squire has had a proud history in the field of trading and now with his software being released for all, the hype around the software has been getting higher and higher. Reason being, its rich background and experts’ opinions about it. Especially at a time when there are numerous scam softwares out in the market skimming money off traders’ pockets. Especially the new comers who look towards auto trading softwares to assist them in earning good in the binary options industry that holds enormous opportunities for all to earn big and quick. 

What is Prizm?

Prizm is Richard Squire’s auto trading software for the binary options trading industry which places trades for traders automatically after thoroughly making all the analyses and calculations for accurate predictions. The software was developed and was in use on testers’ level for quite so many years. The maker has now making it available for all after so many years. He wanted his software to be legally accepted and make sure that people who work with it knows that they are completely protected against any issue that they fear of working with auto trading softwares. He had to go through some legal tussles to make it possible but now that he has, he is not taking much time to bring his master piece for all to use and benefit from. With its accuracy level of 79+ in percentage, this software has all the potential of earning well and that’s what experts are excited about.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.21.28 PM

How Prizm Works?

Prizm works on a code especially created keeping binary options trading, strategies, market and fluctuations in mind. Richard himself is a veteran in binary options trading and thus with all his experience and expertise, he came up with the code for this software which was programmed by experts to bring Prizm software to reality. The software works with an API key which allows users to uniquely enter their account and trade, without any worries whatsoever. Making things more transparent for all, and thus getting points for reliability, the maker himself says to activate the key every time and report every earning made through this software to the respective country’s tax authorities. Earning around 800 to 1000 dollars and more in a week is something that can be achieved easily with this software, if followed correctly.


What Makes it Different?

There are certain features associated with Prizm which make things more in favor of this software than other scams out there in the market. 

  • The unique API key provides the authentication for every user to be more secure and assured about the safety of their trading account, money or any fraud. This is something for which the maker has tussled with legalities for years and thus had to prolong the wait for the release of his software.
  • It allows traders to link their existing binary options accounts to Prizm once they set-up and have a funded account with them. This makes it easier for people to multiply their earnings and also provide extra security to their other accounts as well.
  • The software has been getting rave reviews from the experts and test users all over. These include many professionals and even a few common people who have had a bad experience working with fraud auto trading softwares.
  • The API key gets expired in 72 hours after receiving. But once enabled, it works as long as one wants it to. 
  • This key is a communicating link between the Prizm software and the binary options broking system. Being associated with legal, licensed and experienced broking systems, the software provides more authenticity to itself and much relief for traders.

3 Easy Steps to Create Your Broker Account – Watch The Video Below

Our Recommendation

We would definitely suggest people to first completely go through every software or service they use. As far as our opinion about Prizm is asked, we would definitely recommend it to all. It comes from the backyard of a trading veteran who knows all the ins and outs of binary options trading industry and has been fighting for years to provide legal security to the software as well as to the users of it. With an impressive accuracy rate and constant high reviews and feedbacks from users and experts so far, this software has been creating a buzz for all the right reasons. We would also rate it high and recommend it to all.


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