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Published on February 14th, 2016 | by BRS


Push Money App Review – Just Another Scam?

Push Money App Review – Just Another Scam? BRS
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Summary: Push Money App has been released to the market as the best binary options auto trading software. Start pushing money now!



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In this review, you’ll get to know the details of this new auto binary options trading software and will get a direction towards deciding whether you would like to invest your money in this new software or not. Here are a few details about this new software:join-now-button.3715831_std

Product Name: Push Money App

Product CEO: Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan

Official Website:

If you are thinking whether this new binary options trading software from Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland are legit or another scam, this review might help you in that. Our team has tried to gather information about the app and its working and thus they have come to a consensus that this app is not one more scam but it does work well. Let us go through this software review:

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What is Push Money App?

Push Money App is a new binary options trading app that does the task of making trades in binary options niche by itself. Created by the expert duo of Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland, this software claims to be an excellent way of making great profits and at the same time, learning the trading techniques and fundamental concepts. This software is deemed to be helpful for all traders, but it is a boon specifically to those traders who are new to this field and have no or very less information or experience in binary options trading niche. Since it is completely automated, it removes all human error possibilities and increases the chances of success significantly.


How Does It Work?

Working of Push Money App can be seen as how manual trading is done, with the difference being its unique algorithm and accurate analysis. The software works on specifically created trading algorithm, with which, it analyses the market, reads the charts, realizes the profitable trades and then send back the most profitable trade signals for placing trades on. Though it might seem simple, but the working program is not that simple and that is why creators had to work a lot on it before bringing it out in market for traders. Now we can’t say that how much truth is there behind the numbers shown over the website of Push Money App, because it seems overwhelming, but we can say this that the numbers that a trader will get will be enough to make him keep using the software again and again.

The Push Money App needs people to follow the given instructions in accurate manner. If software is meant to work under certain conditions and following some pre defined steps, it will work on those steps only and if you miss those steps, its working cannot be guaranteed then. And this is obvious, because there is a predefined algorithm as per which the app runs.

The software makers are providing an all time customer support to the users in order to help them out if they find any sort of difficulties while accessing the software. This has been done to ensure that people find using this software easy and can take complete benefit of it.

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How to Get Started?

Getting Started with the Push Money App has been designed to be very simple and easy. It is a 3 – step process in which any person willing to make good profits through this automated software can feel at home while performing it. The three steps are:

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Delete to clear browser cookies then visit
  2. Enter your Name & Email Address to create an account 
  3. Fund your account and start trading

User simply needs to sign up to the app, which is free, by entering few of their details. Once done, they can choose their own username and password for security purpose. Once the first step is done, the user then needs to open an account with the recommended broker as an initial investment to start trading. With these two steps done, the only thing left is to push the button and let push button app do its work.

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Our final word is not a one hundred percent Yes. But this is also true that this software has credible names behind it and a through testing done on it. Numbers may seem a bit overwhelming, but it will yield profit, that we are sure of. Newcomer traders will find it extremely helpful as it doesn’t require any complex steps to be taken by the user or any other sort of experience in trading field. IT does the task for them and does it quite satisfactorily. So our final verdict over this software is positive. This is not a scam for sure. Its results may vary based on day and conditions, but it will end up with users making profits. So we say that this software is worth trying out. Not a Scam.


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4 Responses to Push Money App Review – Just Another Scam?

  1. deswanto says:

    i want to try this push money apps

  2. Olajide Akinyele says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    How are you doing, My name is Olajide and am located in Nigeria, West
    Africa. I want to know if its possible for me to access the push money app
    from Nigeria because I have being trying to register for the push money app
    but the registration form is not showing at all.
    Please, what do I do to make it appear.


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