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Published on February 8th, 2016 | by BRS


TradeFusion Review – Scam? Reveal The Facts!

TradeFusion Review – Scam? Reveal The Facts! BRS
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Summary: TradeFusion has been released as one of the biggest launches in binary options market. Have you started making money yet?



Product Name: TradeFusion™

Product Creator: Timothy Marcus

Price: FREE Trial for 90 Days

Official Website:

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What we will review today is the new binary options trading app. Trade Fusion works on live signal feeds and provides 24/7 live support. The app works in five different languages that assist a wider range of traders to use it. Created by some of the biggest names in the field, the software claims an accuracy rate of as high as 90 percent and boasts of some real credible clients.

So the question is, is this software a Scam? As it turned out after going through the software in detail, this is not a scam but a completely legit software that can serve as it claims it will. Final decision though rests in user’s hands. Let’s have a detailed look at it.

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What is TradeFusion?

TradeFusion is the new binary options trading app brough forward by a team of experts. The software creators are confident that it will work effectively to give an accuracy rate as high as ninety percent.  Created by Timothy Marcus, a binary options trading expert, works in generating live trading signals after analyzing the most essential and technical aspects of market and the fluctuations in the currency options. Available for free for the first 90 days, the makers have made software up for the users to use and test it for themselves. After 90 days though, the subscription will cost $499.


So is This Software Legit?

After going through the whole software, its working, the creative team, credible reviews, and doing a thorough research, our experts came to a consensus that TradeFusion is legit and can be the software which traders can rely on. Let’s have a detailed look.

The Core Team:

As it always a case, whatever product you may look at, if you want to check its authenticity and credibility, you see from what background it’s coming from, who are the creators and what experience and expertise they have in the field. The software comes from the experienced minds of people who have experience in this field. They are working for long in this industry and understand the core of it.

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How It Works?

The TradeFusion software basically works on providing the real time signals which help traders to make accurate trading decisions. It assists the traders to predict the fluctuations in the market and their options thereby helping them in predicting the way their options will be going. This way trader can decide in advance what his/her strategy is going to be. So with its thoroughly analyzed live trading signals, traders can make their trading decision in quick time, keeping out any sort of guess work. Thus they can achieve an accuracy rate of even 90 percent as the makers of this software have claimed. Though it will be interesting to see how regularly the software will do so.

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  • Watch the short video on, enter your Name & Email Address, then click START NOW button.
  • On the following web page, create an account with a broker you never had an account by entering your full name as well as telephone number and also picking a password.
  • Deposit money into your account. The regular minimum required deposit is $250, however each broker may have their own requirements. Confirm your account by sending the required documents to the broker.
  • Sign in to the software and start making money right away!

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What Makes It Seem Reliable?

  • There are a few things proposed by the makers which make their app seem more reliable. First thing, the makers are giving a 90 day free trial for users to use this software and test it for themselves. Once satisfied, the users will have to subscribe it at a cost of $499. Well, it does seem fair enough as users will have a 90 days period to test it for themselves and be sure about it.
  • The makers have given this software in manual as well as automated mode, which is differentiated by a “Sync” and “Auto Trade” marking. To make it easier and to reach out to a wider market chunk, the makers have made this software available in five different languages.
  • Most importantly, the makers have made sure that the user interface is user friendly. It is a simple and effective interface that makes the usage easier for traders. It is extremely useful for the novice users who have very less information and experience about market and investment.
  • The expert team of data analysts is working constantly to make its algorithm constantly upgraded with each day. Since they all are experts of their niche, the work done by them deals with the solution expertly.



Based on the digging done on the software by experts, at this point, this software seems reliable and legit. Backed by the team of expert and big names, the software comes from the creative minds of professionals. A 90 days free trial period adds to the seeming credibility of the software. So traders can test the software for themselves once before using it for a longer term on subscription. Based on all these features and aspects, we can say that this software seems legit as of now. But the final decision shall be made by the users after getting completely sure about it.


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