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Published on August 15th, 2016 | by BRS


Zero Loss Formula Review – Is It A Public SCAM?

Zero Loss Formula Review – Is It A Public SCAM? BRS
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Summary: Hello everyone and welcome to our review site. Today our topic review is about the new software named Zero Loss Formula created by Peter Morgan. Hope you enjoy reading it!



Hello everyone, we here try to bring forward some unbiased views and details regarding newly launched auto trading softwares. Zero Loss Formula by Peter Morgan is the software which will be reviewed today. But first, here is an overview:

Product Name: Zero Loss Formula

Created By: Peter Morgan

Official Website:


Whenever there is a “too good to be true” claim made by any service or product provider, there are always numerous doubts in everyone’s mind and the tendency of declaring it a scam is very high. Similar thing happened when Peter Morgan launched his “Zero Loss Formula” software into the auto trading niche for binary options market. He openly claimed that this software is 100% loss proof. So surely, people will question him as there is nothing as absolute as 100 percent. So even we were skeptical about it and went through the details. After the detailed investigation though, we can say that this software can be an over exaggerated version of marketing but not a scam. It works well and has a caliber of earning big. Here is the complete review for further understanding.

What is Zero Loss Formula?

Zero Loss Formula comes as a new auto trading software into the binary options trading market. Created by Peter Morgan, this software comes with an aim of assisting traders of all experience ranges in making more accurate trade. For the experienced traders, it has a manual mode where traders can take Zero Loss Formula’s assistance in deciding on and thus placing a profitable trade. For novice users, it has been equipped with an automatic mode which takes over the complete control of trading process and makes lives easier for them. It carries out the complete calculations, analyses, and trading decisions by itself leaving nothing for the novice users to do. They can just watch and learn while the software makes some money for them. 

How Zero Loss Formula Works?

Zero Loss Formula works on the basis of news and opinions that it gathers from all over the market. These news and opinions come from all sorts of sources including daily traders, common people, market experts and many more. The software then uses these opinions to come up with the trading seemingly having most chances of winning big. The underlying algorithm for this software carries out the calculations and related analyses and the software then accurately translates it into live trading signals. Now in manual mode, the traders can decide on the basis of these signals whether they want to place a trade or not. In automatic mode though, the software itself places the trade and carries out the complete process on its own. The accuracy rates, which are being claimed to be in high nineties, can actually vary a lot depending upon the market conditions but the end result on most of the occasions is on a profitable note.


Some Important Features:

There are certain other aspects of the Zero Loss Formula software which are here to strengthen its position as reliable software. Yes, they are not going to provide a 100 percent surety as the makers have claimed but they definitely adds to the working capabilities of the software.

  • Dual Mode: The software provides an option for traders of all kinds. They can either select manual mode of operations or the automatic mode. Now this provides a freedom of working with this software. But this becomes highly beneficial for the beginners as they can just watch and learn while the software does the tasks for them.
  • Compound Profits Feature: This is a feature added to this software in order to make it more profitable to those who want to go ahead with it. What this feature basically does is, it multiplies the profits by re-investing the previously earned profits and brings out the higher magnitude of earnings from the winnings. The proportion of investment made increases and so does the magnitude of profits earned.
  • The software comes with a solid user support which consists of the experts from the company. They will be available for user assistance all the time and will assist them in any situation of need.
  • Withdrawing the realized profits is easy and quick with this software. It takes not more than 2 working days to withdraw the winnings and thus traders can take their profits back with them.


Our Verdict

Yes, we won’t say that “Zero Loss Formula” is actually a ZERO LOSS software. The name and marketing angle can definitely seem over the top but the base of this software is concrete. It works well, by using the expert opinions and turning them quickly into trading decisions.  It has a high capability of earning big. Few rare losses are bound to happen but overall, this software doesn’t disappoint. We do recommend it for all.


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